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Adam Sandler


Filmography - Movies that have starred Adam Sandler.

The Longest Yard

50 First Dates


Anger Management

Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights

The Hot Chick

Mr. Deeds

Punch Drunk Love

The Animal

Little Nicky

Big Daddy

Dirty Work

The Waterboy

The Wedding Singer


Happy Gilmore

Billy Madison


Mixed Nuts


Shakes the Clown

Going Overboard

Adam Sandler gained fame at Saturday Night Live.  Like many other actors from SNL, Adam was able to parlay that success into a movie career.  He has been one of the more successful movie actors from the SNL alums.  Adam Sandler has played the lead in several comedy movies and has shown is more serious acting side in Punch Drunk Love and Spanglish.  Adam Sandler has starred in 22 movies.  The movie remake of The Longest Yard (Burt Reynolds) was very popular.  Another notable movie with Adam Sandler was 50 first dates (Drew Barrymore).  It was a very cute and funny movie despite it's unbelievable premise.  A great date and feel good movie.  Adam Sandler was in Anger Management with Jack Nicholson . Adam can be over the top in many of his roles, but that's part of what makes him so popular and funny. 

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