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Expense #4: Entertainment

We all like to have fun and, of course, you still need to have fun. However, if you are deep in debt, you need to look hard at cutting back your entertainment expenses. These expenses are not needs like your utilities or rent. They should be looked at first.

If you have entertainment expense that is very high that should be cut back immediately. One example might be season tickets to a sporting team. Perhaps you can sell many of the tickets or split them with someone else. Whatever it is you do for entertainment that costs a lot of money (movies, concerts, plays, out to eat, sports, etc.) you need to cut back or at least reduce the frequency by at least once a month.

One idea that has worked well for me is trading date nights with another couple. If you have kids you know that babysitting can be one of the biggest expenses in trying to get a night out. If you have friends that have kids of a similar age, try trading a night of baby sitting. One night you watch their kids, another night they watch yours. This can be fun and save you some good money.

Other ideas include:

1) Try going out to a picnic instead of out to eat.
2) Rent a movie instead of going to the movies (or at least don't blow 10 bucks on a bucket of popcorn).
3) Watch the game on TV in the comfort of your home or maybe at a friends house rather than spending money on ticket and concessions.
4) Watch a movie on TV or borrow one from a friend rather than buying the DVD.
5) Go for a walk or hike or bike ride for entertainment. This is fun, great exercise, and it's free!

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6 Steps to no Debt 

Step #1:  Renegotiate debt, consolidate debt, and settle debt

2) Pay off your credit card

3) Get some emergency savings

4) Start investing in 401k plan or IRA

5) Pay off other debt

6) Invest conservatively

Controlling Expenses 

1) Utilities

2) Food

3) Clothing

4) Entertainment

5) Gas

6) Other "Stuff"

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