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We no longer offer technical support for our the software. It is not recommended for new users. The website is maintained as an archive for existing users.

Duck SoftwareTM specializes in creating simple yet powerful software that can easily be used by PC novices, but has the power experts need.  You can test out all our software for free via download.  The only limitation on the free version is in the number of entries you can make.  When you decide you want to register your program we provide several secure options for ordering via check or credit card.  
The shareware versions of our software have been downloaded by tens of thousands of users and we have registered users throughout the world. 
Duck Software
TM is a wholly owned subsidiary of Technological Solutions, Inc. (TSI) and is located in Raleigh, NC, USA.  TSI has been in business since May 1997.  Duck Software has been a division since November 1997.  We began our World Wide Web presence in June of 1998.

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