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Abyss Media Audio Converter  Shareware

Abyssmedia Audio Converter Plus is a powerful, professional solution designed for converting the most popular audio formats and Audio CD tracks directly into MP3, WMA, OGG or WAV formats. High quality 32-bit converter engine allows you to convert to any sampling rate and can create 24-bit and 32-bit WAV files for DVD Audio mastering. Intergration with Windows Explorer enables one-click conversion for any audio file or folder.

Key Features:

  • Decode MPEG Layer3 (.MP3)
  • Decode Windows Media Audio files (.WMA)
  • Decode OGG Vorbis (.OGG)
  • Decode Monkey's Audio (.APE .MAC)
  • Decode FLAC Files (.FLAC)
  • Decode MusePack(MPEG Plus) Files (.MPC .MPP .MP+)
  • Decode NTT VQF Files (.VQF)
  • Decode WAV Files (.wav)
  • Decode Portable Voice Format Files (.pvf)
  • Decode Creative VOC Files (.voc)
  • Decode Commodore Amiga Audio Files (.iff, .svx)
  • Decode Sun/Next SND Files (.snd, .au)
  • Decode AIFF Files (.aiff)
  • Rip Audio CD Tracks (.cda)
  • Import Audio Files from Playlists (.m3u, .pls)
  • Encode to MP3, WMA, OGG or WAV format
  • Transfer ID tags during conversion
  • High precision sampling rate conversion between 8000Hz, 11025Hz, 16000Hz, 22050Hz, 32000Hz, 44100Hz and 48000Hz
  • High quality conversion between 8 bit, 16 bit, 24 bit, 32 bit(integer) and 32 bit(IEEE floating point)
  • Allows you to create CD compatible WAV files so you can burn them on a CD.

    Program Details:

    AbyssMedia Audio Converter Plus - Ver: 3.00
    Written by:


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    Release Date: 11/20/2005
    Release Status: New Release
    File Size: 1981k -- 1.93MB Type: Shareware
    Cost: $24.95

    Contact Info:

    Support Email: [email protected]


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